Xronia.com - Changelog 4 0

Last updated on 22/04/2022 16:19 in Xronia.com - Link in Bio & URL Shortener

In this section you will find the latest updates that we have made for you:

Update 21.0.0 on 22.04.2022:
New Tools system with 35 webmaster tools

Update 19.0.0 on 01.04.202

- Implement TEAMS:
- Teams management system
- Team members can be invited via email
- Team members read, create, update & delete permissions
- Team members can be invited to multiple teams & accept / delete any

- Implemented duplication feature bio link pages (except image content).
- Implemented duplication feature shortened URLs.
- Implemented duplication feature for all bio link block types.
- Implemented cookie consent logging feature to store proof of given consent.

Update 18.0.0 on 16.03.2022:
New dedicated code redeeming page in your Account.

Update 17.0.0 on 02.03.2022:
Implemented Payment Blocks:
- B
lock types for Donations, Paid Services & Digital Products.
Implemented Stripe & Paypal as payment processors.
- Implemented the new payment processors management system.
- Implemented the new guests payments management system.
- Implemented the new guests payments statistics page.
- Implemented email notifications for sales, downloadable items, exporting and filtering capabilitie.

Multiple small visual improvements and bugfixes.

** The time is base on UTC timezone