How to protect your favorite things with Diamond Protect

and save money at the same time

With FIN-Family you have the following two possibilities:

1. Use the fabulous products for yourself:

Shoe- & textile protection, display protection, windshield protection, paint protection, nano fiber cloth, cleaning agents - Everything for everyday life to protect your dearest objects.
High quality products that make your everyday life easier or safer.

2. Become a licensed distributor:

 Become a part of FIN-Family and a licensed partner for sale of Diamond Protect products. If still available, you have the opportunity to purchase a state license, federal state license, big city license, medium city license, small city license and always earn through your partners.

Some products from range

For your clothes

Shoe- & textile protection

For your Car

Windshield protection

FIN Diamond Protect Windshield Protection

Paint protection

FIN Diamond Protect Paint Protection

For your Home

Display protection

FIN Diamond Protect Display Protection

More videos - Convince yourself

Protect your favorite things and save money at the same time

Protect your favorite things:

Protect your favorite things against dirt and damage.
Each of us knows such situations:

The cell phone falls down - display broken - expensive replacement.
Stone chip in the windshield - broken windshield - expensive replacement.
Our most beautiful white shirt - Cafe tipped over it - Expensive renewal
- ...and so on.

Save Money:

Invest in the right place.
Whether in everyday life, or in your business:

With the products of Diamond Protect there is something for everyone.

Are you already investing properly, or are you saving in the wrong place?

Most asked questions

For whom are the products suitable?

Diamond Protect products are suitable for everyone.

With the variety of choice, there is something for everyone for everyday life.

It doesn't matter whether you use them as an end user or, for example, as a hotel owner in your premises to protect your upholstery, pillows, shoes, shirts, etc..

Likewise, if you have your own car or rent a car, to protect your vehicle not only from broken windows or paint damage. You save a lot of time with cleaning due to the lotus effect which makes the water and dirt roll off.

Is there a Customer Box with different items to test?

Yes, of course we have a test box so that you can convince yourself of the great products of Diamond Protect.

399€ plus tax. & shipping
3 x high-tech shoe & textile protection
3 x high-tech display protection
3 x high-tech paint protection
3 x high-tech windshield protection
3 x nano fiber cloth
Minimum retail value: 399€
Recommendation manufacturer: 571,50€
1 x Telegram Closed "FIN Succsess Family EN" group for you and your existing partners for all questions and communication.

This is aimed at the end user and people who want to convince themselves.
For larger purchases or distribution licenses use the contact form on the page.

Can I order large quantities?

Of course! No matter what industry you are in or what you want to use the products for - There is easily the possibility of a larger order of one or more products.

If you would like to have larger quantities of one or more products, please fill in the contact form so that we can contact you to talk about everything further.

Can I sell the products in my store or online?

You are allowed to distribute the products only under the following conditions:

1. You are a licensed sales director for:
- Small town
-. Medium city
- Large city
- State
- Country EU
- Country Int.

These licenses can only be issued once.
If you choose country sales management, only states, large cities, medium cities and small cities can be licensed in your country.
As a country sales director, you will earn money on every package sold in that country.

2. you decide to start smaller:
For this you need at least the "EventBox" and earn 10% sponsor commission on all contained FIN / Diamond Protect products, which you sell through your events and functions, because you inspired people with it.

The greater your license, willingness and contribution is, the more you can earn.
If you want to have more detailed information about this, please fill in the contact form so that we can contact you to talk about everything further.